The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said, "The believers, are like one body; when any part complains, the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever." [Muslim] 

Al Noor Foundation, Noor Ul Islam and Apex Primary School have partnered up with Islamic Relief to form a coalition appeal in response to the crisis we see unfolding in Eastern Ghouta.

Please select your school page and donate generously to help us save lives: 



Over 400,000 people have been trapped in Eastern Ghouta since 2013.

The recent escalation in land and air strikes has left more than 250 civilians dead, many of them women and children; and hundreds more injured. 

The recent attacks have completely destroyed several hospitals. Medicine and medical supplies are rapidly depleting. For the people in need of urgent care - time is running out. 

Islamic Relief have been on the ground in this region long before these recent attacks. We recently supported the besieged communities through the winter with non-food items, fuel for heating as well as providing families with food assistance. 

Despite the ongoing escalation in hostilities, our work continues as planned, ensuring we can deliver vital assistance to the vulnerable people of Eastern Ghouta. 

Alhamdulilah, with your support Islamic Relief has already delivered over £239 million worth of aid in Syria and neighbouring areas since the conflict began.

Please donate now and help save lives. 

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Islamic Relief is an international relief and development charity that aims to alleviate the suffering of the worlds poorest people.

As well as responding to disasters and emergencies, Islamic Relief promotes sustainable economic and social development by working with local communities - regardless of race, religion or gender.

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