13th Sept - Arrive by midday, followed by a 5 hour drive to transfer to Eskasehir. Overnight in Eskasehir. 
14th Sept - Trekking day in Eskasehir. 5-6 hours trek. 
15th Sept - Short drive to transfer to Syed Gazi. Site visits in Syed Gazi by transport. Then retrieve bikes and cycke 43km to get back to Eskasehir. Overnight in Eskasehir. Cycling on this day will include a steady incline to 290m. 


Karacasehir (First castle conquered by Ertugrul Gazi) – Outside visit as it is closed for visiters

Karacahisar Mosque (khutbah by Dursun Fakih to Osman Bey as a leader of Ottomans)

Kursunlu Mosque 

16th Sept - Eskasehir to Sogut. THIS IS A TOUGH CYCLING DAY. We will be cycling 50km but it is very difficult as inclines are steep and regular, with a 450m incline. Overnight in Sogut.


Visit of Ertugrul Gazi Tomb

Ertugrul Gazi Fountains

Ertugrul Gazi Museum

Hamidiye Idadisi (Military School) & Hamidiye Mosque & Medrese

17th Sept - Sogut to Osmaneli - Cycling 50km on a steep, mostly downhill terrain. You will need to be careful and experienced with downhill terrain as this can be dangerous. Overnight in Osmaneli.
18th Sept - Osmaneli to Nicea - Cycling 32km on a steep steady incline to a height of 320m followed by a lot of downhill into Nicea. End of the challenge. Overnight in Nicea. 


Smaller Hagia Sophia Mosque

Nilufer Hatun Imaret (Museum)

Green Mosque

City Walls & 4 Main Gates
Senatus Palace on the Shore of Nicea Lake

Old Tile Workshops (Archeological site)

Ottoman Mosques and Hamams
19th Sept - Transfer to Istanbul. Overnight in Istanbul.
20th Sept - Full day of visits in Istanbul.

Blue Mosque & Islamic Art Museum

Hippodrome and monuments

Hagia Sophia Museum

Grand Bazaar

Topkapi Palace (Holy Relics)

Eyub el Ensari Mosque & Tomb

Arab Mosque & Underground Mosque

Spice Market 

21st Sept - Transfers to the airport.

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