A devastating 5.8 magnitude earthquake has struck Pakistan and has pushed communities into crisis.

With the core 1km southeast of Mirpur in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), the quake was so strong that tremors have also been felt in various cities as far as Islamabad, Lahore, Jhelum, Swat and Abbotabad.

As a result of the catastrophic earthquake, communities have been torn apart.

To date, 30 people have reportedly died and over 300 more have been injured. Homes and roads have been damaged, leaving local men, women and children displaced and in critical need of shelter, food and emergency care.

Our teams are on the ground and are ready to offer essential lifesaving aid.

Sign up for the Great Scottish Run today and push yourself to the limit whilst raising money for an amazing project - helping to save lives of the victims of the Pakistan Earthquake! 


Great Scottish Junior Run | Saturday 28th September 2019

Why not inspire your kids to get active on a fun weekend of running in Glasgow? 

You will love to see your little stars taking part in this race for a great cause, and there will be lots of fun for the whole family!

Distance: 2.5K

Registration Fee: £9

Fundraising Target: £25

Cause: Pakistan Emergency Apepal

How To Take Part:

  1. Click on ‘Start Fundraising’ in the top left-hand corner to set up a fundraising page.
  2. Visit: https://greatscottishrun.com/super-saturday/
    to register your child for the ‘Junior Great Scottish Run’. Your child will not be able to race without doing this step. 
  3. Share your child's fundraising page link with family and friends. 


Great Scottish Run 10K | Sunday 29th September 2019 

The Great Scottish Run 10K - is the perfect way to see the stunning Glasgow sights, which include The Hydro, Pacific Quay and the McLennan Arch. The course, which is a shorter adaptation of the half marathon, takes runners on a tour of the River Clyde and before heading back towards Glasgow Green for the big finish. 

Registration Fee: £28

Fundraising Target: £100 

Cause: Pakistan Earthquake Appeal

How To Take Part: 

1. Set up a fundraising page by clicking on 'Start Fundraising' in the top left corner.

2. Then register for the 10K run at: https://greatscottishrun.com/events/10k/ You will not be able to race without doing this.

3. Share your fundraising page link with family and friends! 

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Islamic Relief UK

Islamic Relief is an international relief and development charity that aims to alleviate the suffering of the worlds poorest people.

As well as responding to disasters and emergencies, Islamic Relief promotes sustainable economic and social development by working with local communities - regardless of race, religion or gender.

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