All across the world, innocent people are suffering the effects of ongoing conflict. From Syria, Palestine, Philippines and Yemen, the list goes on…

With civilians caught in the crossfire, millions of families have been left displaced, injured and in desperate need of critical aid. Mothers, fathers and children are struggling without food, shelter or psychosocial support and they are not sure whether they’ll survive from one day to the next.

In times of war it’s civilians who pay the highest price. 

Our teams are on the ground day in day out, working to serve those who are most vulnerable. With your support, we can continue to save even more innocent lives.


£50 could provide life-saving food for a family.


£90 could provide psychosocial support for children affected by conflict.


£210 could help provide a clinic with emergency medicines.

Islamic Relief UK

Islamic Relief is an international relief and development charity that aims to alleviate the suffering of the worlds poorest people.

As well as responding to disasters and emergencies, Islamic Relief promotes sustainable economic and social development by working with local communities - regardless of race, religion or gender.

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