South Africa with its black-maned lions framed against Kalahari dunes; powdery beaches lapped by two oceans; star-studded desert skies; jagged, lush mountains – is truly a country of astounding diversity, both in sites and people. Recently, South Africa is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination, bucking the narrative of it being a dangerous destination for holiday makers.

However, rewind a mere 30 years, South Africa was in the midst of a repressive apartheid regime, a system of institutionalised racism and segregation which came in on the back of hundreds of years of colonial rule and exploitation. The long term effects of the regime and colonialism are felt deeply by today’s generations of South Africans. With only half the working population employed, the widespread need in the country is large and deep.

In response to these needs, Islamic Relief set up a field office and began providing assistance for immediate aid such as food, water and security for orphaned children, but also for the long term needs by building homes, schools and supporting hospitals working with those affected by HIV and AIDs.

This trip will be an eye opening experience as we reflect on the long-term impact of history and politics on the ordinary person’s circumstances today and it will be an opportunity to offer a helping hand to those who are rebuilding their lives and futures. 

Challenge Dates: 15th July – 22nd July

Challenge Highlights:

  • Visit the Islamic Relief South Africa Office and meet some of the people IRSA have supported over the years

  • Visit to Islamic Relief South Africa School Project

  • Visit to Robben island

  • Take on the challenge: climbing Table Mountain

  • Day Trip: Cape Point

  • Visit to historical Bo-Kaap

What will the funds raised be used for?

The money raised for this challenge will go towards supporting the ongoing work of Islamic Relief South Africa, working speciffically on improving the situation of margenalised groups of vulnerable women and children.


By setting up a fundraising page, you agree to:

1. Book your own flights and travel insurance. A place will not be held for you until you have sent in your flight itinerary and insurance documentation.

2. Fundraise at least £750 by the 30th June 2018.

PLEASE NOTE: Flights must arrive in Cape Town by no later than 11am on the 16th and depart from Cape Town after 12pm on the 21st. You will need to arrange your own transfers for any flights booked that fall outside of this.

T&Cs apply

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