For years, Bosnia, the land of turquoise rivers, medieval castles and tumbling waterfalls has been one of Europe’s best kept European secrets. But recently, more and more people are flocking to visit this heart shaped land in the heart of the Balkans; where the muezzins call the faithful to prayer under a backdrop of church bells, providing a fusion of East and West.

However, rewind and go back to twenty years earlier and Bosnia was centre stage for a heart breaking armed civil war. In response to this conflict, Islamic Relief set up a field office and began providing vital emergency assistance, delivering food, water and clothes. When the war ended we rebuilt homes, schools and public buildings which had been destroyed. 

Fast forward back to today, and our focus has now shifted towards helping people to rebuild lives with dignity by providing them with the means to help themselves. 

This trip will be an eye opening experience as we reflect on the tragedy that took place, see how far Bosnia has come since then and offer a helping hand to the people who are still rebuilding their lives. 

Challenge Dates: 25th July – 29th July

Challenge Highlights:

  • Visit the old town of Sarajevo
  • Visit the Srebrenica memorial site
  • Visit the IR Bosnia office and meet some of the people IR have supported over the years.
  • Day trip: Hike to one of the highest waterfalls in Bosnia
  • Day trip: Rafting
  • Visit to historical Mostar and Blagaj

What will the funds raised be used for?

The funds raised from this project will provide widow and orphan households with fruit dryers that will enable them to dry out fruits that are then packaged and sold, generating income. The wider community will also be able to use these machines.


By setting up a fundraising page, you agree to:

1. Book your own flights. place will not be held for you until you have sent in your flight itinerary.

2. Fundraise at least £750 for our livelihood project in Bosnia by the 30th June 2018

PLEASE NOTE: Flights must arrive in Sarajevo by no later than 3pm on the 25th and depart from Sarajevo after 6am on the 29th. You will need to arrange your own transfers for any flights booked that fall outside of this.

T&Cs apply

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